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Russia is approaching demographic and moral collapse

                                                  Mortality rates in Russia

– over the past 20 years, more than 7 million people have died. By this indicator, Russia is ahead of Brazil and Turkey by 50%, and of Europe by several times over.

– Every year, Russia loses population tantamount to the size of Pskov or a bigger city such as Krasnodar.

– The number of suicides, poisonings, homicides and accidents in Russia is comparable to the death rate in Angola and Burundi.

– Russia occupies approximately 160th place in the world by its male life expectancy – right behind Bangladesh.

– Russia occupies the first place in the world in absolute magnitude of population decline

According to UN estimates, the population of Russia will decrease from 143 million people to 121-136 million by 2025.

                                                       Family erosion

– 8 out of 10 elderly people live in elderly care facilities despite having relatives able to support them.

There are around 600 thousand homeless people (as compared to 700,000 in the aftermath of World War 2)

(In China, by comparison, there are only 200,000 homeless people for the total population of 1.4 billion people. – by 100 times less than in Russia.)

– 80% of Russia’s 370,000 orphans living in orphanages have living parents
– Russia is number 1 in the world for the number of children abandoned by their parents.

                                                         Crime against children

– According to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation, 100, 000 minors were victims of crimes in 2010 – including 1,700 children who were raped and murdered. (According to these figures, Russia is ahead of even South Africa). This implies that every day, 4-5 children are murdered in Russia.

– In 2010, 9,500 sexual crimes were committed against minors in Russia – including 2,600 rapes and 3,600 cases of non-violent sexual intercourse with a minor. Over 8 years, sexual crime has increased by a factor of twenty.
Russia yields only to South Africa based on these numbers.

                                                         Drug addiction and alcoholism

– 30,000 Russians die from drug overdoses every year (in other words, it is population of a small town)
– 70,000 people die of vodka annually (In Afghanistan, 14,000 Soviet soldiers were killed)
– According to the World Health Organization, 15 liters of pure alcohol is consumed per person in Russia. Bear in mind that consumption of 8 liters per person is already considered to be excessive.


Judicial impunity has reached the point where the Court initiated a judicial proceeding against Magnitsky, a man who died five years ago, in prison. In other words, they opened a trial against a dead person, who by definition, is not able to defend himself. In Europe, a similar incident occurred in the 17th century when the Brits dug out Cromwell’s body from his grave and hanged him on the gallows.

Additionally – did you know that:

– over the past 10 years, 11,000 villages and 290 towns vanished in Siberia
– the average population density in Siberia and the Far East is 2 people per 1 km2
– the average population density in Central Russia is 46 people per 1 sq. km
– the average population density in China is 140 people per 1 sq. km
– the average population density in Japan – 338 people per 1 sq. km


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